young animators blog XD

1st versions of Aang, when he was suppose to be a futuristic kid,and fight sequences.

wanda n cosmo’s old designs xD

and hey!arnold

i found a bk completely about all the nickelodeon shows! its awesome!,look how danny’s Old design was! XD



Korra Book 3 finale is online right now!   These are some backgrounds from this season and some comps from the finale.  I did the paint. layout was most likely either Angela Sung or William Niu.

Sweet, Fred’s on Tumblr now! I’m putting the finishing touches on the Book 3 Dark Horse art book right this moment, which includes most of Fred’s incredible paintings above, and many more from him and our other magnificent painters.


I’m currently really busy working on the cartoon series LOLIROCK, so my tumblr will be dead for a while =.= but I wil still post some artworks and artbooks once in a blue moon ^^ If you have questions, I might take long to reply.

Current series I’m working on^^”LOLIROCK” by INSPIDEA AND MARATHON( the ppl who did totally spies and martin mystery)

THIS IS NOT THEIR FINALIZED DESIGN, I made some adjustments to fit my style.

I hope you guys wil support this awesome series once it is out!!! XD THANKS~~~!


oMG i m home for the weekend,INTERNET GEEZ I MIS U T.T after moving to a new state n city i have started to appreciate many things from my old state

looks interesting might give it a go

OUAT frozen clip.

Personally I am speechless,both in a good way and bad……..


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Joey , aishah ,tho u guys probably seen it

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